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Storage of Rolling Bearings

Since bearings are not intended for permanent use but must be replaced at given intervals, spare bearings must be stored in warehouse environments that are similar to operational conditions so they can be replaced immediately.

When storing bearings, pay special attention to preventing rust. Although bearings are usually coated with an anticorrosion agent and then packaged, the wrapping paper cannot completely provide protection from the circulation of ambient air. Therefore, bearings should be stored in a moisture-free location.

In addition, bearings should be stored in clean, well-ventilated spaces with little humidity and no direct exposure to sunlight, in a locker or on a shelf, at least 30 cm above the floor. The bearings must be kept wrapped unless otherwise required, since unwrapping them can allow rust to occur.

When bearings are unwrapped for inspection prior to acceptance, they must be stored with due attention to the subsequent application of anti-corrosion agent and then repackaged.