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Sectoral Solutions

Pulp and Paper

The pulp and paper industry involves the manufacturing of various types of paper and paper products. The industry uses a wide range of heavy machinery such as pumps, conveyor belts and rollers that are essential for the production process. These machines require high quality bearings to ensure that they function smoothly and efficiently.

Bearings are used in a variety of applications within the pulp and paper industry, including in the machinery that processes the raw materials such as wood and pulp into paper. Bearings are used in rollers and conveyors, which transport the paper through the various stages of production. Bearings are also used in the machines that cut and package the finished paper products.

The operating conditions of bearings in the pulp and paper industry can be challenging due to the demanding environment in which they operate. The industry uses large amounts of water and chemicals in the production process, which can cause corrosion and damage to the bearings. In addition, the high speeds and heavy loads that the machines operate under can cause wear and tear on the bearings. Therefore, bearings used in the pulp and paper industry must be designed to withstand these harsh conditions and provide reliable performance over a long period of time. Ortadoğu Makina supplies all kinds of bearings and power transmission products for use in the pulp and paper industry.