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Sectoral Solutions


The food industry is a vast sector that involves the processing, packaging and distribution of food products. The production process in food industry involves the use of various machinery, such as washing systems, baking machinery, conveying systems, electric motors and pumps. The industry requires machinery and equipment to handle reliable, maintenance-free and operate at high speeds. Bearings are essential components of these machines, providing support to rotating or moving parts and reducing friction.

Bearings used in the food industry have to comply with the hygiene requirements synonymous with the industry. Thus, bearings used in the food industry are subjected to unique operating conditions. These conditions require the use of food industry products, water and cleaning chemicals that can contaminate the bearings. To ensure food safety, bearings used in the food industry must be made of industry specific materials, which are resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. In addition, factors such as load capacity, speed and temperature must be considered when selecting bearings for the food industry.

Proper maintenance and inspection of bearings are crucial to ensure the safety and quality of food products. Bearings in food processing and packaging machinery should be regularly lubricated with food-grade lubricants and checked for signs of wear or damage. Any contaminated or damaged bearings should be promptly replaced to avoid compromising the safety and quality of the food produced. The use of high-quality bearings in the food industry enhances the efficiency of food production. Ortadoğu Makina supplies all kinds of bearings and power transmission products for use in the food industry.