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Sealing Elements

Rotary shaft seals sit between rotating and stationary parts on a shaft and they include a garter spring that presses the sealing lip against the shaft to retain oil. Hydraulic seals are used on hydraulic cylinders to prevent hydraulic fluid from leaking and help keep dirt and other contaminants from entering the cylinders. Pneumatic seals are mounted to the retainer of a pneumatic cylinder and keep it pressurized by preventing air from leaking. Cover seals are basic static seals used for covering the oil filling gap of gear reducers. Mechanical seals prevent liquids from exiting the pump body, keeping motors and bearing assemblies dry. Gland packing utilize a braided rope-like material that is packed around the shaft of the pump to fill the space between and prevent fluid loss from around the shaft. Ortadoğu Makina supplies a wide selection of sealing elements according to your needs.

Our Range of Sealing Elements

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Rotary Shaft Seals

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Hydraulic Seals

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Pneumatic Seals

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Cover Seals

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Mechanical Seals

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Gland Packing