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Screw Conveyor Equipment

Screw conveyors are industrial equipment used in transporting bulk quantities of granular solids, semi-solids, liquids and non-flowing materials from one point to another. Screw conveyors primarily consist of a rotating screw shaft that is installed within a trough. As the screw shaft rotates, the material moves linearly. They can be designed to provide horizontal, vertical, and inclined travel paths. Various types of screw conveyor equipment available, including augers and throughs. Ortadoğu Makina supplies a wide selection of screw conveyor equipment according to your needs.

Our Range of Screw Conveyor Equipment


Auger Flightings

tek yaprak helezon

Sectional Auger Flightings

helezon konveyör tüpü

Screw Conveyor Troughs

helezon konveyör aksesuarı

Screw Conveyor Accessories