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V belt pulleys have V shaped grooves for the V belt to sit in and transmit rotational power to a shaft. Poly V belt pulleys have V shaped longitudinal ribs that mate consistently with the grooves of the poly V belt. Timing belt pulleys have tooth profiles that are capable of interlocking with timing belts. Taper lock pulleys have a tapered bore to be used with a tapered bush that secures pulley to the rotational shaft. Tapered bushes are mount to a taper lock pulley to adapt the pulley to size of the rotational shaft and provide more clamping power. Locking assemblies are mount to a pulley to strengthen clamping of the pulley onto the rotational shaft. Ortadoğu Makina supplies a wide selection of pulleys according to your needs.

Our Range of Pulleys

v kasnak

V Belt Pulleys

poly v kasnak

Poly V Belt Pulleys

triger kasnak

Timing Belt Pulleys

burçlu kasnak

Taper Lock Pulleys

konik burç

Tapered Bushes

konik kilit

Locking Assemblies