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Plain Bearings

Plain bearings have a sliding contact surface, without any rolling elements. They support rotating shafts and minimize friction between shafts and stationary machine components. Radial spherical plain bearings have an inner ring with a sphered convex outside surface and an outer ring with a correspondingly sphered concave inside surface to accommodate alignment movements between shaft and housing. Angular contact spherical plain bearings are spherical in shape and inclined at an angle to the bearing axis to accommodate radial and axial combined loads. Thrust spherical plain bearings have a convex spherical surface on the shaft washer and a corresponding concave spherical surface in the housing washer to accommodate axial loads primarily but can also accommodate radial loads. Rod ends have an eye-shaped head with an integral shank that forms a housing for spherical plain bearings which used primarily on the ends of hydraulic or pneumatic pistons to join the cylinder to an associated component. Bushings are tube shaped cylindrical elements that are designed to provide a bearing surface. Thrust washers are flat elements that are designed to provide a bearing surface. Ortadoğu Makina supplies a wide selection of plain bearings according to your needs.

Our Range of Plain Bearings

radyal mafsal rulman

Radial Spherical Plain Bearings

eğik mafsal rulman

Angular Contact Spherical Plain Bearings

eksenel mafsal rulman

Thrust Spherical Plain Bearings

mafsal kafa

Rod Ends



baskı pulu

Thrust Washers