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Fasteners are mechanical tools that are used to rigidly connect or affix two surfaces or objects together. Various types of fasteners available, including bolts, screws, nuts, washers, anchors and pins. Circlips fit into a machined groove either on the inside of a bore or on the outside of a shaft for axial securement of components such as bearings. Machine keys tightly secure components such as pulleys to the rotating shafts. Grease fittings are installed on mechanical systems to provide lubrication points. Ortadoğu Makina supplies a wide selection of fasteners according to your needs.

Our Range of Fasteners

altı köşe başlı cıvata

Hex Head Bolts

altı köşe başlı flanşlı cıvata

Hex Head Flange Bolts

yuvarlak başlı cıvata

Round Head Bolts

imbus cıvata

Hex Socket Head Cap Screws

havşa başlı imbus cıvata

Hex Socket Countersunk Screws


Set Screws

u cıvata

U Bolts

altı köşe somun

Hex Nuts

altı köşe flanşlı somun

Hex Flange Nuts

altı köşe fiberli somun

Hex Nyloc Nuts

düz rondela

Flat Washers

yaylı rondela

Lock Washers

çelik dübel

Drop-In Anchors


Cotter Pins

iç segman

Internal Circlips

dış segman

External Circlips


Machine Keys


Grease Fittings