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Couplings are devices that connect two shafts to transmit power from a driveshaft to a driven shaft while absorbing some degrees of misalignments and mounting errors between the two shafts. Misalignments exist between two shafts as a result of the changes in temperature and deterioration of positioning accuracy over time. Couplings provide mechanical flexibility to allow smooth rotation between the shafts and reduce impact, wear, vibration, noise, and risk of equipment failure. Various types of couplings available, including jaw couplings, pin couplings, pin and disc couplings, pin and bush couplings, servo couplings and nylon sleeve gear couplings. Ortadoğu Makina supplies a wide selection of couplings according to your needs.

Our Range of Couplings

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Jaw Couplings

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Pin Couplings

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Pin and Disc Couplings

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Pin and Bush Couplings

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Servo Couplings

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Nylon Sleeve Gear Couplings

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Coupling Inserts