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Ortadoğu Makina


About Us

From 1990 to Today

Ortadoğu Makina ve Yedek Parça Tic. Ltd. Şti. established in Trabzon in 1990 and built its foundations on honesty, quality service and customer satisfaction. It started its commercial life with wholesale and retail sales of bearings and various hardware products.

Since its establishment, it has become a large-scale bearing and power transmission product supplier by adding the world's leading brands to its product range. Today, Ortadoğu Makina serves as a primary solution partner of industrial organizations from many sectors such as iron and steel, cement, mining, energy, automotive, railway, marine, agriculture, food, textile, chemical, pulp and paper throughout Turkey. It has adopted a customer-oriented work, and in this direction, it has adopted a business model that follows the innovations, new products and technological developments in the market, and produces custom solutions for the needs of its customers. It has become one of the important companies in the sector with its high quality and wide product range, reasonable prices and customer-oriented structure.

As Ortadoğu Makina, our goal is to supply the newest and highest quality products for our customers at the most affordable prices, thus establishing long-term and stable cooperation with our customers. Our aim is to serve our customers as the most reliable and preferred bearings and power transmission products solution partner.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the most innovative, pioneering and leading company in the bearings and power transmission products sector by constantly improving our corporate infrastructure and product range in line with the innovations in the sector and the changing needs of our customers.

Our mission is to become the most trusted and preferred solution partner of every customer in the bearings and power transmission products market by combining the quality of the world's leading brands that we are the distributor of with our years of experience.

Based on this vision and mission, our goal is:

  • Establishing a corporate culture in an experienced and dynamic team where innovation and entrepreneurship is encouraged
  • Always supplying high quality, innovative and reliable bearings and power transmission products,
  • Focusing on efficiency, continuous development and customer satisfaction in all our processes,
  • Providing value-added products and services to customers to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Our Quality Policy

Ortadoğu Makina is committed to providing the highest level of service to its customers by meeting their quality expectations and needs accurately, on time and with reasonable costs, and providing the highest quality products in the bearings and power transmission products sector by constantly improving its products and processes in this direction.

In line with this goal, our quality policy is:

  • Being in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of our customers in all business processes,
  • Following and applying technological developments closely in order to produce optimal solutions for the needs of our customers,
  • Continuously increasing the quality level by giving importance to teamwork so that all employees become more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level,
  • Establishing quality, environment and work safety awareness in all employees, and
  • Being an exemplary organization that respects the society and environment we live in.